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Tomorrow on c365Radio!

For starters, we always have (including right now), a great variety of entertainment for you. Go to our station: and find out for yourself.

Tomorrow, this is ESPECIALLY TRUE!

Starting at 9:00 a.m. EST.......

For our East Coast listeners, especially those who will be attending the Baltimore Comic-Con (, we have a cool program to listen to before you go to the show!

From the team that brought you "CorrosionRadio", join djs Balti and smytii as they host an hour of superhero, science fiction, horror, detective and other action stories in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons and old time radio.

For those of you who fondly remember recordings from Peter Pan/Power Records and/or the other old time radio programs on c365Radio, this show is for you.

We debut our "Halloween" episode tomorrow morning. Here is a link with a brief description of the episode (we don't want to stretch your friends page any more than we have to, kids!)

Soon after that, we will have an interview with model/actress Seregon O'Dassey, who spoke to us about her upcoming film, "Cleric" and the documentary on Comcast On Demand, "Vampires Revealed".

And tomorrow night, starting at 8:00 p.m. EST, smytii and Balti bring you "CorrosionRadio", featuring your favorite industrial, dark dance and other great tunes!

After that, enjoy our "Insomnia" mix featuring Shannon Stewart of DC's "Liberation Dance Party" with over five hours of indie and dance rock.

BTW, if you are in the D.C. area and you want to hear Shannon spin IN PERSON, you can join her TONIGHT as she spins the best in indie and electro from the UK and beyond.

at The Argonaut
1433 H Street, NE
Washington, DC

Second Saturday of Every Month
10 pm - 2 am
21+ / NO COVER

You can tune in to hear all of this goodness for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

FINALLY, you can keep up with our station and your favorite shows by following us on Twitter and joining our new Facebook groups!





Comic Book Action Theater


Thank you for listening! Feel free to use any of the links above to give us feedback!
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